Monday, March 31, 2008

A Mother's Cry

On June 28, 2007, I was sitting down with my 2 year old daughter, when tragedy struck. My water had broke. I was only 20 weeks pregnant. So we called the doctor and off we went. Only to have the doctor send me home, putting me on complete bed rest. On June 29, 2007, the next day, I went in to labor, having severe contractions. Upon calling the doctor's office, they sent me to thier local hospital, telling us not to hurry. At 3:15pm we were sitting in the waiting room. Upon having the sonogram taken, it showed the baby ready and at the opening. The nurse was told not to let me use the restroom on my own. Having to pee, the nurse told me to go ahead. My umbillical chord now showing, I hollered for my husband. He went and got the nurse. She examed me and went about her business. Then feeling move ment, my husband called for the nurse once again. As with no remorse, she told me that the movement I felt was JUST the baby's arm hanging out. It was then I realized they were just letting my son die. 4 hours after walking into the ER, my doctor finally walked in. Only to deliver my son, and tell me there was nothing he could do. I then held my son for the first and last time. As he sat in my arms gasping, the doctor just sat there. Upon going into surgery, the nurse told me my son was still hanging on. He lived 2 and a half hours, fighting to hang on. Showing no effort at all to help my son, I attempted to file a claim against them, with no luck. My attorney said the case was too costly and sent me elsewhere. Still waiting to hear from them. Thanks for listening. I will keep you all updated.